Let’s Play Mass Effect – part 18

Now my inventory is clear and I have new guns and armour, it’s time for my next mission! This time, I guess some people somewhere have information that I want, but are in danger, so I need to go to their planet, kill loads of robots, and then leave having gained just a tiny tidbit of info. You know, just like every other part of the game so far!

Intro music by Kevin MacLeod

5 Responses to “Let’s Play Mass Effect – part 18”

  1. May 24, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Is this the first time you’ve played Mass Effect EVER? Apart from the previously posted videos of course….

    • May 24, 2012 at 7:57 pm

      Nope, but it’s the furthest I ever played it because I hated it SO MUCH before. It suuuucks, it suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

      • May 24, 2012 at 8:01 pm

        You must not speak ill of of Mass Effect, why so much hatred?

        • May 24, 2012 at 8:26 pm

          Urgh, I’ve ranted about this before, but…

          The combat is poor, the pacing is terrible, there’s no noticeable improvement when you upgrade skills and the weapons all feel plasticy and weak, the inventory sucks and you have to dive into it way to often, conversations drag on and on and you have no way to know which ones are important and which aren’t, there’s loads of filler where you just run or drive for ages with nothing happened, you gets quests with no clear indication where they are, the loading screens and warp animations and OH GOD THE ELEVATORS, the AI is crap with your teammates running in the way and shooting at walls and the enemies aren’t much better, and what the fuck is omnigel anyway?

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